KAMOTEXTIL OOD is a daughter company of MAK AD Gabrovo and has over 100 years of experience in woven textile production and processing including cotton, poly cotton, nylon, polyester, and viscose in various blends from 50g. to 450g./m². The company produces high visibility and reflective fabrics, anti-static fabrics, antibacterial fabrics – as well as aramid and meta aramid flame retardant fabrics. 

Complete Vertically Integrated Production Cycle

  • Weaving

    Our weaving department is equipped to produce fabrics from 50g. to 450g./m² in different types of weaves. Fabrics can be manufactured in different compositions – cotton, cotton / polyester, cotton / polyamides, 100% polyamide, 100% polyester silk, aramid and antistatic fabrics.

  • Yarn & Fabric Dyeing

    We have in-house capacity for dyeing yarns of 100% cotton, cotton / polyester, cotton / polyamide with reactive, grease (VAT), disperse-vat and disperse-reactive dyes. As well as for dyeing  fabrics of 100% cotton, cotton / polyester, cotton / polyamide, 100% polyamide, 100% polyester silk, aramid and antistatic fabrics, with reactive, disperse, VAT, acid and metal complex dyes, and the methods applied for dyeing are PED-STEAM and the flash-aging method.

  • Rotary Printing including IR Protection

    Up to 13 colors rotary printing with reactive, pigment and vat dyes, meeting NATO standards for visible and IR spectrum camouflage remissions. We are also a licensed producer of the 3- and the 5-Color camouflage of the German military.

  • Fabric Finishing & Lamination

    We specialize in a variety of fabric finishings like water and oil repellent finishing, flame retardant finishing, anti mosquito and insect protection finishing as well as shirt easy care finishing, and various fabric coatings. The company also produces dual and triple layer laminated fabrics with breathable PU, PTFE and bi component membranes.

  • Ready Made Garment Design & Production

    Our in-house design department is constantly developing different fabrics and models according to customer specifications. We produce ready made uniforms for military, police, firefighters and security personnel, along with a wide variety of yarn dyed shirts for hunting and outdoor activities.

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