KAMOTEXTIL is a Bulgarian company specializes in the production and the delivery of military, police, fire-fighters and security uniforms.


With complete machinery, know how and experience in weaving, finishing and garment production, we are a leader in Europe for producing battle-tested and hazard environment protection clothing.


The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, AQAP 2110 and all products satisfy EKO-TEX 100. The company has a complete technological line and machinery for preparation, weaving and fabric finishing of all kinds of woven fabrics like:

Cotton and cotton type fabrics in different blends with polyester , polyamide. 100 percent polyamide or polyester fabrics in a wide range of weights starting from 70 g/m² to 400 g/m² in different weavings like twill, satin and rip-stop.

Two or three layer waterfproof fabrics with breathable membrane allowing the skin to breathe from the inside, anti-static fabrics according to standards EN 1149 part 1 and 3 and EN 61340/5-1, as well as anti-bacterial fabrics


Meta-aramid fabrics type Nomex in different compositions: 50 percent Nomex/50 percentFR viscose, 240 g/m² rip-stop and 260 g/m² twill for police and station uniforms, 93 percent Nomex/ 5 percent Kevlar / 2 percent P140 anti-static in a wide range of weights from 165 g/m² to 240 g/ m², both twill and rip-stop for pilot overalls, tank personnel, technicians etc. 75 percent Nomex/ 23 percent Kevlar / 2 percent P140 anti- static - type Nomex. Outershell Tough 195 g/m². The fabric is certified in the German institute STFI and fulfills all points mentioned in norm EN 469: 1995-05.

Para-aramid fabric type Kevlar for ballistic protection, 200 g/m², in width 150 and 160 cm, with end-use for bullet proof vests, helmets, vehicles etc..

Firefighter Nomex Outhershell Tough uniform with Nomex Tough 195 g/m² fabric as an outer fabric, flame-retardant membrane as a middle layer and thermo insulation Thermo 2 inner layer. All layers fulfill the norms ofstandard EN 469 1995-05

Rain protective suits and raincoats providing protection against atmospheric precipitation such as rain and snow. This is a multi - layer fabric with membrane to stop the penetration of water from the outside, but allowsthe skin to breathe from the inside. All seams are laminated and water resistant. We can provide different models according to the customer's demands depending on the fabric or model.

Uniforms: a wide range of different styles and models as combat, military uniforms, police, security, technicians, hospitals etc. With our own design department it is possible to develop different models accordingto the customer's demand, no matter what the fabrics or the styles are. The design and the weight of the military — combat uniforms is according to all requirements of the STANAG agreement.



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